My Chatty Mind

My brain is constantly in conversations with my inner self. Yes I do enjoy my company because it gives me the perfect opportunity to amuse myself with the ramblings of my mind.  Having taken to journaling some years back , I realised that reading back some of my notes were actually quite insightful in retrospect.

Hence, I have decided to us8f6fa1da69954305d9d929ce68c88b99e this platform for the sole purpose of sharing ‘unsolicited’ opinions and advice about issues that I am passionate about. Some of these issues include spirituality, love, books, gender, international development and anything else that catches my mind’s fancy.

My mind is such that goes on and on about some of the issues around the topics listed above for hours or days at times. Therefore, in trying to make sense of the world that I live in, I am grateful  that I live in an era where the world has become a global village and therefore able to put in writing some of these seemingly mundane  conversations I have with me, myself even while I’m on the go.  So in the weeks, days and years to come –  be it a bright sunny days, or cold winter nights or days when my brain can’t seem to log out because it is processing a new idea or topic that has caught its interest some hours or minutes before – I hope to share some of the thoughts (crazy or not) on this platform.

While I’m not much of a talker in person, I  make up for it with my Chatty Mind which can be insanely bizarre  and sometimes funny. I also hope to share this space with individuals who share my sense of bizarreness, humour, honesty, fun all wrapped up in their Chatty Minds.

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