Guest Chatty Mind: Follow ‘His’ signs

This is a guest post by a dear friend of mind Ty Fajj…enjoy!
I had an interesting experience yesterday and as I thought about it, I related it to my walk with God and came up with some conclusions of mine. Hope you enjoy and learn something from this.

 It was about 8pm and a friend of mine was stranded, he requested I take him home. I had no issue with that except for the fact that he lives in Apapa and it’s not a route I am very familiar with. Going won’t be tough since he would be there to guide, but I knew the coming back would be a major challenge. My final destination was the island and I didn’t have an idea of how to link the road back. I eventually agreed to take him and figured I might just get back on Western Avenue to link the island (That’s a longer route but one that I sorta knew). After dropping him off, I began the return journey. The night seemed darker than usual, car headlights were blinding my vision, and then it seemed I didn’t even remember the Western Avenue route again… all I could think was “how did I get here”??? I tried to phone a friend for directions but alas, network failure!!! At this point I knew I had entered one chance!

Then it happened…I saw a road sign. It occurred to me the road signs could guide me home and straight to the island also, instead of doing the long route, so I followed the sign and kept going. I saw a 2nd road sign, and then a 3rd one. I kept following the signs and before I knew it I had climbed a familiar bridge…the rest as we say is history. I got home safe and in quick time. I was elated, felt like I’d just achieved some award winning feat.

As I kept thinking about the trip I realized this is how God leads me, or at least tries to lead me (When I recognize and follow). He gives me the signs, the pointers which are all around, but why do I miss it so, much? Maybe because;

·         I am not looking out for it?

·         I am too distracted by my own feeling of inadequacy and ignorance of such a simple road.

·         I decide to trust in man and seek mans direction?

·         I have a plan B, C and D?

So what turned out to be finding the way home also became a learning experience and I would share below some things I  learnt from this, also using some scriptures that occurred to me;

1.      God is always leading us, the signs are always there; Isaiah 42:16 (Though you have not done that kind of thing before, its new, it’s strange for you, its unfamiliar territory, a new Job, relationship, adventure etc).

2.     We need to pay attention, look out for the signs; Habakkuk 2:1, Matt 26:41says Watch and Pray . We need to pay attention, we need to be alert, observant, like Habakkuk said I will stand to SEE what He will say.  Let’s pray for the Grace to see and recognize the signs.

3.     The signs don’t come all at onceIsaiah 28:10. Just like the road signs, I saw the 1st one, followed it till I saw the second and then kept going. Sometimes the challenge is we want to see the end from the beginning, that’s for God Isaiah 46:10. For us we follow step by step, just like Abraham did Genesis 12:1.

4.     There’s always a tendency to trust more in man than God; 1st Kings 13 1-24. I find this story very instructional, please read and learn from it. Just like I was tempted to phone a friend whom I wasn’t even sure knew the way, yes he might have helped but in this case there were clear road signs to guide me. (I am not saying do not get advice from or listen to man, no there’s also a place for that.) But in some cases God has shown us the way in all clarity, He’s given the sign. Don’t try to seek validation, or support from man. When God shows you so it is!!! Our relationship with God is a very private affair.

5.     Gods way always turns out perfect; Jeremiah 29:11. Following God you can never miss it. Just Trust and Obey!

It is my prayer that this year we make Loving and Seeking God our NO 1 priority. Let us realise it is God or nothing. Let us learn to walk with Him. Let us daily ask Him for wisdom, that He may open our eyes that we SEE. That we recognize the signs He has put in place and pray for the Grace to follow the signs. God is for us this year, He loves us with an everlasting love. Let us open out lives to Him like never before and experience Him afresh.

God Bless us All.



Ty Fajj is creative, passionate, fearless, driven and beautiful young lady set to make a difference in the world. Its all about positive change using the media.


Twitter: @toyinfajj

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