The Magic Of Beginnings

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It has been a very loooooong time since I was last here!

Earlier this week, I was reminded of the person I used to be. The aspiring blogger/writer who loves to pour out her heart on this platform. The reminder came in the form of an email from WordPress saying I had bills to pay! You see, the domain name needed to be renewed. This kick-started the process of me asking myself critical questions about the future of this blog – My Chatty Mind.

Three questions kept me awake in the dead of the night and in the early hours of the morning while bringing my sleepy eyes and semi-relaxed body to a state of awakeness and alertness;

  1. Does blogging/writing still fit into my passion and dreams for the future?
  2. Will blogging/writing enhance the quality of my life – emotionally and professionally.
  3. Do I have the time and discipline to stay focused and committed as I did once upon a time?

To the first two questions, my answers were a resounding YES! My first love will always be writing on any platform about things that I care about, things I hate and things I want to change at that point in time. Blogging is also a constant reminder, a visual board of some sort, of the kind of life I could have in the not so distant future.

I don’t know about you (bloggers out there) but forming words and writing about stories or experiences always make me come alive. At the end of every post, I always feel lighter, happier and it is guaranteed that I am less likely to think about the not-so-perfect things about my life (even if it is for 24 hours)! Personally, this is where I come to when I need my ME time. It is where I pamper myself with words being formed from each tap on the keyboard of my rusty laptop and through my fingertips are echoes from a very special and deep place in my heart giving form to my opinions and biases. This is a very familiar place known only to Me, Myself and I (and the Holy Spirit of course, because he searches the hearts and souls of men) because it is knitted into the very essence of my being.

And on the question of whether I have the Time and Discipline to stay Commitment to this important aspect of my life, I did try to justify reasons why I should just close this chapter and bid it farewell. But if I am being honest to myself, I would be doing Me a big disfavour and consequently contravene all that I believe to be Right and True.

So here I go again! Giving this another shot and paying for another 12-month imagessubscription. I hope the next 12 months looks nothing like the previous 12 months. I hope I find ways to share and tell stories that resonates with anyone who comes across any of my posts. I will stand in my Truth but will also respect the views of others because we all entitled to our opinions.

I can’t shake of the feeling of today looking like the beginning of another 365-day cycle so permit me to toast to the magic of beginnings!






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6 replies

  1. We want to believe these are words from your heart and you did not plagiarised someone else’s like you know who😉. So we are hoping you live up…….keep them coming!!

    Best Regards Adeola



  2. I was trying to be funny and obviously I wasn’t 😀. But I can’t agree more on your conclusions and perhaps the reason why the blogger part of you seem to be getting little of your time is because there is a change of environment. From experience I can tell there is a big difference and to be consistent in this environment, one will need double efforts.


  3. Well said… Pls continue! You’re an inspiration for many of us..


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