When Life takes over…

a1e52af875eb743cf62e7cdfb7d6d990It’s been a while since I’ve been here and the only reason I can give for this is the fact that Life kind of took over in its usual pattern of  swooping in without giving you any notice until I remembered that there were tasks I was meant to be completing (i.e. writing posts amongst other things). It has taken a well-deserved ‘me-time’ to get me back on this track and I think it’s about time. Otherwise, it would become one of those ‘uncompleted’ activities of mine that I blame everyone but myself from accomplishing. So here I am again, picking up from where I left of and hoping this time around I will persevere in the next round of unplanned events and activities.

A lot of events has happened within the past couple of weeks. Some good and some not so good. Some of these events have made me question the very existence of man and the purpose for life and living. At other times, it’s made me have long conversation with myself about how I have evolved as a person and making an assessment of whether or not I am becoming the person I dreamed of becoming. I wish I could say that I’m there yet, but my latest self-assessment tells me I’m not quite there. But don’t blame me, blame Life!

I have realised, in the past couple of weeks, that while man can make plans and dream big for the future, Life stands at one corner mocking such plans and with little or no warning you wake up one day only to realise that your seemingly well laid out plans have shattered into gazillion bits. Sometimes it’s for the better, at other times it’s for the worse.

The past few weeks have made me realise that when Life takes over, it gives you little or no warning and it can have huge consequences not only5e84120d946e3ba8db303d07a7793fc5 for you but all the people in your life. Suddenly, it dawns on you that you have got to keep up with new realities and new expectations. It’s doesn’t matter how prepared or ill-prepared you are, there will be adjustments that needs to be made in order to keep your head high and your heart strong for the journey that lies ahead. The last few weeks have also thought me that no matter the hand you are dealt with by Life, you still have to make the most of it because time will not stand still just because Life has taken over.

We respond, through the help and support of others, by finding the strength and courage to live one day at time. We open ourselves to new opportunities or pick ourselves up in whatever state of despair we are in. Once again we take that leap of faith and hope to God that this time around it will all work out according to plan or better still, that it works out better than we could ever have anticipated.

If it doesn’t, we do it all over again.

(Dedicated to a dear uncle who is in a better place and to the loved ones he left behind)

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